Monday, May 25, 2009

Galena trip

Today I left home at 8:30 planning on going to Galena, through Reiter road and Index. The road to Galena is gorgeous, but hilly (ups and downs).

I was stopped a few miles from Galena, because of road damage. The road was blocked, and someone wrote "Road closed 4-ever?".

I walked passed the gate to check out what was going on with the road:

The river is actually coming from where the road was. It looks like the river decided to use the road as its bed. I wonder what happened upstream. The river leaves the road to what looks like a forest floor, not an old river bed.

I saw a lot of cabins along the Skykomish river. I wonder how many owners lost access to their cabin.
In the following picture, this is not a trail, it is a dried river bed that ends up on the road. More damage to come next winter.

I left the gate at 10:00, and arrived home at 11:40. Another nice ride. 33 miles.

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