Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ballad to the Edelwess Cafe (road bike trip)

This is a road trip I used to make in 2007, before the road washed away during winter storms. This road goes from my house in Gold Bar, to Index. It is a gateway to the galena road and Skykomish upper valley, which I hope to tour once this road is repaired.
Starting point:

May Creek Road:

Mansion on May Creek road (foreclosed in 2008):

Ranch on May Creek road:

Reiter Pit:

Reiter Road:

Creek on Reiter Rd:

Climbing Reiter Rd:

Climbing more:

Top of the World (almost):

Beginning the descent toward Index:

Railroad crossing:

Arrival at Index:

Little cottage in Index:

Little bridge toward Emily's Park:

Read the picture...:

The picturesque Sky river:

Want a retirement home?:

Mt Index cafe and lounge (the Edelwess Cafe):

Read the picture ... :

Surrounding Mountains:

On the way back, Index Doolitle Park:

Reiter pit behind the trees (see the dust raised by the 4X4?):

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